@marvintmb for a new nuke you'd need code to: build tunnels in time to manage to harvest Thorium (min 150k energy, depending on Thorium mineralAmount it might need build and harvest boosts) store Thorium somewhere (afaik you cannot build container in wall, so poor miner will have to have carry, cutting his TTL by half) buy Batteries/process energy in factory process Thorium in factory without breaking it store Refined Thorium somewhere without it breaking the structure Since you cannot obtain thorium in any other way one has to code for all that. You cannot just pop a nuker, buy ghodium/minerals for it and throw into labs. This should also prevent new-players from just spamming new nukes - and to utilize them properly would also require more advanced code than send nuke and follow-with quad, since said quad would also get the decay once entered the room. Deposits were meant for highways only, but if that would make it less-breaking then ok. Plus adding another mineral would break like 90% of people's base planning and mineral harvesting code that's because ppl were lazy with assuming there will be always one mineral despite find() always returning array (which was a case in Season 5). Zombies would/should hobble-around with maybe building a road into a wall, active players should be able to survive with a simple change given month-or-three notice before