Tweaking energy sources.

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    Energy sources always had their 300-tick regen time.

    This made perfect sense pre-minerals, but has some issues now.

    As I'm experimenting with different boosts to lower CPU costs I found no use for "harvest boosts" on energy miners.



    We were discussing some possibilities in slack to change this, and have come up with an idea:

    - increase spawn delays, and increase energy count, this way harvest boost become useful, Keep the 5/10/15 energy/tick mining capacity.
    * suggested values: 3000 ticks for 15k/30k/45k
    * Base it on something (small rooms keep their 300 ticks regen, reserved/high rcl should be increased even more)

    - Current cpu requirements are too high, you should be able to get the stuff more quickly
    - no use for boosts, always mined out in 300 ticks, wastes time.
    - makes it more like minerals, high yield, long delays


    Things I tried to keep in mind:

     - Low level rooms should not get increased respawn rates. This makes for a bad noob-experience if they f*ck something up.

     - Keeping the same energy/tick rate. This should not fuck up anyone's script, or it should be easily adaptable for it.



    Feel free to add more ideas below, feedback is very much appreciated


  • Good idea. As a noob player i wonder if it would make sense to increase the amount of energy of rooms with only one source. Lets say 4000 instead of 3000. This would mean a bigger benefit for strategic decicsions. It would make spawning in asinglesourced rooms also more viable.


    Humm.... This is an interesting idea for sure. I'm just not sure whether I think it is a good idea or not. 

    New players would not gain much advantage from this change, since they would not have the energy or minerals necessary to use this strategy much.

    However high level players could use this to rapidly strip mine a source. While the amount of energy per time would not change, the amount of energy necessary to harvest that energy could change pretty dramatically in this system for players that have the energy and boosts necessary to use this tactic.

    All that being said, It might still be a good direction to go. I am just not certain exactly how this would change the dynamic among the more experienced players with the territory and the RCL to use this tactic. 

  • I would be against this. The CPU pressure that's generated from being forced to have lots of harvesters is an excellent plateau for experienced players. 20% of my CPU goes to harvesters. It also provides an incentive to use the central source keeper rooms since they contain a more concentrated source of energy.

    Changing it in the way propose would also, as noted, provide a greater difference between experienced and new players.

    If the goal is to make the harvester boost useful, I would strongly suggest adjusting it to work more like the RCL upgrade boost. Make it produce more energy from the same harvest quantity.

    Although technically the harvester boosts are already useful since they allow you to lower the size of your harvester down to 2 WORK parts.

  • I have to adjust my opinion to no.

    I agree that changing the cpu dynamic that much would be a bad thing.