Pasting the same value in the editor result in removed value

  • Culture

    If you mark and select a line or a segment in the editor, copy it and paste it on the same spot or something with same text it will result in text being visible, but removed if you commit or swap module.



    Mark and copy a value inside a string. Then mark and paste the value on the same value. You will see that nothing changed, but if you commit your code or swap module the string is now empty.


    Would love a fix on this as I unconsciously do this at least once a day and commit buged code ;_;

  • Dev Team

    Script editor is a third-party library, we can't provide any support regarding it. You can contact its maintainer here:

  • Culture

    Ok so I looked into this issue and debugged it myself. The bug is not in the ace editor but in the They override the onChange event and have some "hack" that doesn't work correctly. I made a local change in my javascript and modified it to always set the value with ngModel.$setViewValue(newValue); and this bug did no longer occur. I'm no expert in Angular so I've no idea what their hack is trying to accomplish.