10 lifetime CPU for steam client

  • I wonder if somebody is running successfully on that limit. I have 10 rooms and cannot get below the 10 CPU ( my avg is ~ 11 CPU ), just because of the sheer amount of basic scripts and checks I have running. So I wonder if it is really worth getting the client and have a serious shot on running a basic economy...

    I would appreciate if the limit was raised to 20 CPU like it was the minimum with the old credit model, since this would give some headroom to actually do something useful.

  • you are running 10 rooms at 11 CPU total...? oO how!?

  • Christ. Only 11 with 10 rooms?

  • Relax guys, when he said average, he means each room averages at 11 CPU. He's making an case for what CPU is reasonable for a single room.

  • @RaskVann I mean 11 CPU for all 10 rooms. Running 3 creeps per room taking care of maintenance and upgrading, occasionally running reactions and fending off attackers, that was basically all my script was doing atm. Had to keep memory at under 100kB, preferably under 50k, since parsing the memory json object takes a enormous amount of time.

    I despawned at the moment, because my credits (old model) ran out. Since maintaining a fully developed empire is considerably easier than building a new one from scratch I could not make up my mind yet to respawn somewhere with a 10 CPU limit.

  • In which case I mimic my compatiots. Oo how!? Unless you have aggressive system for spacing out tasks that is insane. Last I heard all room changing tasks take at least .2cpu which means you are doing less then 6 per room with no other logic.

  • @Raskvann, that is exactly my point. I did not reserve or distance mine, power harvesting only once in a blue moon when I was in the mood (and CPU bucket was full). I have a lot of code which I cannot run since it is (imo) impossible to do with 10 CPU. That's why I am asking, since the devs advertise it with "enough to run a couple of rooms".

    With only 1 maintenance creeps per room I ended up at 8 CPU average. This however was nothing else than mining, repairing ramparts, taking care that the controller does not downgrade and monitoring my rooms for attackers.

  • i actually just managed to cut my CPU time rather dramatically.. i'm still just starting, but the room i'm in has a decent enough quantity of swampland.. it seems that even if a creep can't move, when you call creep.moveTo() it checks and if it's been x ticks since the last path calc, runs it again. fatigue timers in swamps exceed that ammount, so i had creeps that were running the pathing section of moveTo() even though they still couldn't move.


    I went from averaging 5+ CPU/tick for my 6 creeps to about 2 just by this:


    if (!creep.fatige){




    there are still a few spikes once in a while, but they're far more manageable.. in fact, before that change, even with my 30 CPU starter sub, i was getting a yellow indicator for CPU time once in a while... not anymore.

    i know i could do better actually caching the path, but i'm not that advanced yet. either way, movement, even without needing to calculate the path, is more expensive than checking fatigue.. so if you have swamps, make sure you check fatigue BEFORE you issue a move command.


  • I, for one, would love to see a strictly CPU-limited version of the world. No subscription bonus, no GCL bonus, just build the biggest empire you can on 10CPU.

  • I can get around 10 CPU for 4 rooms if we include the bucket. It's easy.