Going from room -> world -> room -> world cause memory leak

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    Every time you enter a room and go back to world the memory is stored and never cleared.

    How to test. Just enter a room. click the world button. click the same room. click the world button etc.

    This will eventually crash the tab if you play long enough without refreshing the site.

    Memory usage of screeps tab as I write this message. I've watched the tab for 30+ min and the memory is never released.


  • Would love to see this bug squashed!

  • Dev Team

    We've deployed a patch addressing this issue, please report if you experience this again.

  • I have this problem too with both the steam and chrome client.

    Every time I enter a room it uses 50-100 MB more RAM until it crashes or I restart it.

    I'm using Win10.

  • Dev Team

    @tacyn What are your display settings? Do you use WebGL renderer, is it shown as enabled in the "Show metrics" window?

  • my resolution is 1920x1080, the WebGL is enabled but this also happens using Legacy.0_1514812422157_2018-01-01.png

  • Dev Team

    @tacyn How much RAM do you have? How much RAM does Screeps process consume at max? Is it GPU process or Screeps tab process (Shift+Esc in Chrome)? Is this crash reproducible in 100% cases? Could you make a screencast with reproducing this on your system?

  • @artch I have 8GB of ram. At max chrome consumes about 4GB of ram. The GPU process in chrome uses between 250-350 MB of Ram. The Screeps tab process starts of at 200 MB and increases to around 3.5 GB at which point chrome luckily terminates the process. Yes it is reproducible, just takes a while.

    0_1514897738289_2018-01-02 (5).png 0_1514897756657_2018-01-02 (6).png

  • Dev Team

    We've just deployed a patch addressing a memory leak in the new WebGL renderer. If anyone is interested in testing this, please report whether it changed something for you.