Allow towers to do more than repair and attack

  • I love programming/working with towers, and I love that they can do more than one thing. I do, however, find it odd that they can repair AND attack yet they can't help build things or upgrade a controller.

    I think this should be changed and that tower should serve a more multi-purpose job since it wouldn't be a HUGE change, and they would still be limited by time and being fueled. I don't think this would change a lot, but it would provide the player with more strategic freedom. I'd personally like to use my single tower to upgrade my controller from a range if hostiles aren't detected.

  • I think using the tower to transport energy would cut allot from the game. I personally enjoy the amount of different moving parts you're required to create and looking at how other player's rooms function is in my eyes amazing. Everyone has creeps that mine, carry energy, upgrade, build, repair, attack, ect and adding turrets that can almost do everything except harvest it's own energy would take away allot from the game. People would just need a harvester with 5 work parts to power the tower and maybe a few others to fill the spawns / extensions. Go from this finely tuned, nice looking, complex game to the "search for the newest room with 2 energy near it's center".


    P.S use links if you want "creepless" energy transport.

  • Well it really wouldn't be a HUGE change, I disagree Alextopher.

    I don't think the game would suddenly all be about towers, because the amount of towers you can have are very limited, and they would still be strongly overpowered with the right number of creeps.

    What I'm going for here is a structure that can kind of help around everywhere else when its got nothing to attack or repair

  • Why would you want that? It would either have to be vastly inefficent compared to proper creep setup or, well, why bother with creeps? 

  • I don't think I like this. 


    I like that they can repair and attack, but I think there attack is a bit strong. I think there good as a stop game measure to give you enoug time to spawn a proper defensive creep(s), anything else seems like it would be OP. 


    I mean if you want to teleport energy, then whats wrong with links?

  • I second this idea, the noobs will fall even harder and much lulz will be had.