Thoughts so far

  • Culture

    This is a few of my thoughts and wishes so far, mostly from a dev/sysadmin perspective

    All native modules are currently build for electron, for node they have to be rebuilt, this should automatically resolve once they are all on npm.
    With the exception of the driver module, it needs to build the native module, currently, I have to cd into the native folder, abd run `node-gyp configure` `node-gyp build` to rebuild it.

    I've put together a quick Dockerfile and after rebuilding, have successfully ran the setup entirely from Docker, it is nice that it works so easily other than the rebuilds.

    A future though may be to add an optional login/register user/pass system, this would allow for grunt uploads and remove the need for compiling greenworks for different node versions. (I had to recompile it for node 6 also) Although, a second thought would to have local API keys once they are implemented.

  • Dev Team

    npm scripts will include automatic rebuild of all modules including the native pathfinder. For now the supported way is to launch it through the desktop launcher only (although you are free to rebuild it for any other environment).

    As to user/pass authentication, we don't have any plans to implement it, but you may come up with your system using mods. Also, see this thread.