[Prototypes] constructor.name gone missing

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     A few weeks ago (don't remember when exactly) I could do StructureStorage.constructor.name and it would result in `StructureStorage` This was true for other objects as well.

    I base some of the logic I got for caching things on this. For some reason it stopped working some time ago but haven't had time to fix it yet. Today I found out that this data is suddenly missing.


    Could you look into this? There is now no easy way to identify the type of object in an easy matter. ( Flag / StructureTerminal / StructureLab / ConstructionSite )

  • Folks on StackExchange and elsewhere have written tomes on the subject of the impossibility of reliably querying object lineage in Javascript. I do hope this change gets reverted, but I wouldn't count on it. I assumed it wouldn't be reliable in the first place, and so never wrote code for it.

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    Still doesn't solve the problem of it suddenly disappearing without prior notice.

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