Prevent accidental tab closing

  • In dvorak v and w are right next to each other. If I'm using my mouse and pasting one handed sometimes I hit w by accident and close the tab, which kinda sucks. Maybe do a js "are you sure" popup if you try closing the tab when you have uncommitted changes to code?

  • Really good idea. I made that mistake myself several times!

  • If you are using chrome there is a shortcut control+shift+t (command+shift+t for mac) that reopens the last tab you closed in the same state it was in (or at least it attempts to keep the state, you'll have to experiment with it).

    The feature you are requesting would be nice but this might help you in the mean time.

    EDIT: Just tried putting some code in the script tab then cmd+w followed by cmd+shift+t and it did not keep the code changes 😞 So i guess this wont fix your problem but its a nice shortcut anyway 😄