dedicated server doesnt run scripts properly

  • I just started a dedicated server today, but I got some strange problems with my scripts. At first, my own scripts didnt run at all. I needed to copy my scripts in the script folder a few times and restart the server, untill it finally started my scripts.

    But they dont run for long. Usually, after about 20-30 ticks, the scripts stop working. Not all (some creeps still do some actions) but most of the scripts just doesnt run anymore. I can fix that by just saving the script again ingame, or just open the script with an editor in the directory and save it manually. Then, the game can run the script again.

    These scripts are just copies of scripts I run in the simulator or online world without problems.

    The bots got the same problem, their scripts dont run anymore, too. Most of the bots units doesnt do anything anymore.

    It seems to be some kind of reading problem? It seems the server cant access the files, and they need to be saved agian to be accessed again?

  • I have a very similiar issue, the server only partially runs my scripts and at some random point will just stop processing altogether, I get no warnings on the console, no CPU overages, and nothing on th CLI. My server isnt overloaded. It takes a few game ticks before everything clears up, it will run scripts for a bit and then start over again.


    I am running on a OrangePi One with an allwinner ARM CPU, quadcore 1.2 ghz with 512MB ram.

    I installed Node.js 7.10

    Later, if this dosent clear up, i will try on my cloud VPS which has a standard hardware setup.

  • Culture

    There are also some huge bugs with the backend database. It corrupts a ton of valid unicode characters.