New "Prioritize" setting for construction sites?

  • I'd love for this to be a feature, where you can click on a construction site and there's a button above "Remove construction site" that says "Prioritize construction site", I mean it'll make it easier for people to build specific things like towers when they have 20 extensions being built before the tower.

  • This is all quite achievable though code, when your creep is searching for / selecting a construction site (or the manager you've created to assign goals to creeps) you can prioritize/filter/arrange the data in any manner that you'd like. I suppose, feature wise UI you 'could' do it where it reassigns the Game.constructionsites object for the selected construction site to be first in the array, but not sure how feasible that is, and that may not work for everyone.

    Some quick examples, is when your builder creep is selecting/getting assigned a construction site, you can first check to see if any towers or specific types of buildings are in the array/object then if they are, use that element and ignore the rest, if not, then proceed with whatever.

    I'd highly recommend checking out the World:Help section of the Screep's Discord, folks are normally very helpful and its a bit more dynamic/faster than the forums.

  • I do realize that I could use code to do this, but I believe there should also be this button.

  • I also don't know how to do this... at this point I'm just adding a new role that goes for the next site instead of the first one 😕

  • Well, as mentioned the #World-Help section of the discord is a pretty dynamic/active place to get assistance with learning the ropes.

  • @donatzor I don't have Discord and am not allowed to access it... 😕

  • Ah. Then the forums are indeed the best resource indeed.