Access key and Seasonal Server

  • I think 5-Access-keys are too expensive for most players to participate in. (To be clear, I already have 5 for the next season).
    That's why season2 has only 60 participants, even though there's a patch that let people in at later stage with fewer access-keys.

    How about letting anyone in with 1 Access-key, but with limited CPU of only 20, and you can buy CPU up to 100 with more access-keys. This would certainly give any one a fair start and populate the participants, which add more fun to the seasonal world and stimulate the Game economy.
    On the dev team side, the income would change from stimulating few confident players to buy 5 Access-keys to stimulating many players to buy 1 Access-key, which may be even more profitable.
    How do you think?

  • I agree! Season 4 is now finished, but still without many players now. It's time to make progress on this topic.

  • I was suggesting Access Key to enter, CPU unlocks to max out CPU.