Quiting screeps

  • @cribbit

    Explain this, i've quit screeps, i've unsubscribed, i've uninstalled, yet the game keeps going as if it's still being played. Screeps doesn't ever stop, there's no end anywhere. Yeah, very nice design for a game.

    your bot in

    I still recall/remember

    plenty of touch abusal / abusement

    rooms being constantly claimed(effectively bug abusalness), even after already claim over

    deals not even working(never really understood anyway), never-endingness, don't think I ever really received anything from any deals

    I thought about lifetime subs while screeps was fairly new(pre power), glad I didn't waste money.

  • It sounds like you're bashing something you don't understand, while trying to create a competing product that you don't seem to have any progress on in the last 3 months.

    Literally nothing in your comment there makes sense. The whole point of the game is that your bot plays even if you don't have the game open.

    What is touch abuse? I've never heard of any claim bugs. By deals do you mean market? Market works fine.

    IMO @o4kapuk should just delete this whole thread, you're clearly way out of touch. Again, I'm normally one of the first to go after the devs for issues.

  • @cribbit What is touch abuse? Idk, the internet, there's all sorts of traffic out there. You'll notice if you get abused via touch or its components. I also don't see or understand how that's bashing. At some point it seems like Screeps took a dive in the deep end, prepower first few days/weeks were great, simple, then after a few months got dull and just went towards dull from there, until power update and its creeps came. First time i got a power creep going, i noticed a minor difference in gameplay(mainly upkeeps), then just back to same old.

    Complexity? Idk, seemed fairly simple, get mats, deliver mats, produce, deal out. No progress? Probably not if im not even in the game.

    Ive noticed many players complaining the creepiness factor, i noticed it too, but after a while you just sort of get used to it, "oh theres that creepy looking AI again doing its thing".

    "Just delete this thread", if everything works for you, then i dont think you can really get the point of view from someone which nothing seems to work.

  • Admins dont have anything to say to this? Nice.

    Also, I'd like to note, apparently screeps can access my actual bank account records, while I dont have any control over them.

    Another also, I'm still being claimed even though there isn't anything left. How is that even possible? Btw, touch abusement is still going, I can feel the claimers in my actual ears and fingers, and I'm constantly hearing annoying creepy sounds. I'm guessing they're claimers, what else would have such behaviour.

    Could someone please explain to me? Preferrably from someone higher up.

  • Hello, is there an admin somewhere to sort this out? I can still see and feel screeps playing even though i dont even play.

  • Sorry to hear your havin' trouble.

    If you mean you are getting notifications from structures being dismantled/attacked or other such stuff you can disable notifications on the account page here: https://screeps.com/a/#!/account and under notifications should have a 'notifications enabled' option you can disable.

    If its something else, can send a support ticket here, I forget if they can delete an account entirely (thus no code to run server side or account) but can always ask. https://support.screeps.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    Just remember it is a small team so depending on the issue could take some time to get a response.

    Closest thing I've found to touch from searching is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touch_(command) but I have not heard/don't know about that applying to Screeps.

    If you feel your personal bank account information is compromised, you should take that up with your bank.

  • @donatzor Okay, so it's a small team. I'm still wondering why there doesn't seem to be any end to any of the game, just keeps going and going. Also why is it so creepy all the time? Still hearing creepy voices / sounds and constantly looking at creepy characters. I would assume once theres nothing left the game should just end, and not keep lingering around creepily. Annoying, and what about these touch abusement issues? How is it even possible for such a thing to happen? A while ago i sent youtube same type of message, expressing my concerns about my voice being likely abused. Its like a single touch being stuck in an infinite loop, repeating same annoying creepy sounds every time, might be completely irrelevant, but these started happening after some months playing screeps.

    Closest thing I've found to touch from searching is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touch_(command) but I have not heard/don't know about that applying to Screeps.

    Screeps is connected to the internet, likely something hooks something, which pickups something and so forth(server traffic), eventually/effectively causing the scenario. Best guessing.

    Good luck and thanks for response.

  • Apologies, never heard about / had any experiences like your describing with the game. To my understanding its meant to be a sandbox/MMO where content is added throughout its lifespan and new things to do which is why it doesn't have a set end-goal and generally people make the goals up themselves and feel they've accomplished them on their own time. I'd say if you feel your done with the game, then you've reached the goal for you.

    If you've not loaded the game, connected to the website or, anything beyond the forums here, may be something else causing the issues. Sadly, no idea you'd know best your situation of course. If such sounds, feelings or sensations are happening even when your computer is off, may want to seek medical assistance, or get a second opinion from a friend or family member on the problem. Not sure anyone on the forums here will be able to help much from the sound of it, can't see / hear what's happening on your end.

  • @donatzor Yeah, I hear ya. Unfortunate that this had to happen. Was very enjoyable the first few weeks.

    I think the whole "deals system" should be double-checked or revamped, it takes way too long for one to finish, if it's supposed to be instantenious. On some deals the other end doesn't even seem to realize the deal is done / over / received / any-other-relevant-word, as if it's being prolonged. That stuff's still happening, gonna hear from youtube, see what they have to say(completely different matter, been going on for years, nearly a decade, lucky enough i get to sue youtube, although it's word vs. word).

  • This post has made me feel really touch abused, I can see it in my actual eyes and I don't like it. Can the Devs please remove this thread? Actual new player coming to the forums might get affected.

    For Detox, I'd recommend seeking help. In worst case, if you're still feeling mentally affected please try pressing the respawn button in game and followed by going to your profile here and deleting your account, that should solve any lingering notifications or alerts you might be getting that are unduly impacting your mental state.

  • @davaned So the end result of playing Screeps is loosing mental health. Is that what you're saying?

    Also, I've gone to doctors, I do have ADHD, but comparing is nowhere near to ADHD.

    Also, why remove? What if someone might actually be wondering the same stuff, but is too shy or just too exhausted, can just read the already made thread and conclude itself. Nothing wrong with discussion.

    Here's a wild question, assume there's a camera, and the camera is reading faces, what if the camera can't tell if you're a human or a computer(obviously since AI), what do?

    As an argument, and a good one I might add:

    You weren't in the room.

  • I dont understand any of this... can't figure out if it's a language barrier or if OP is schizophrenic

  • @the_rogue_end_user

    Mmm, I think mashochism(preferrably) was a phase at one point. Comes and goes.

    Language barrier[] valid argument.