Safe modes not resetting on room claim.

  • Ok. I've had this happen several times. This is a screenshot of a room I've recently taken and started building: Note that the room has 2 "safe modes" available... which makes sense in that it's level 3... One at level 2, one at level 3. Ok, great. Notice also that the Safemode Cooldown is over 37K. I never used a safemode. What DID happen is the room was under safemode cooldown when I destroyed it, and that cooldown NEVER RESET when I subsequently claimed the room. I crushed this room fair and square. The cooldown needs to reset on the subsequent claiming of the room. 0_1609295455587_21d6c5df-da46-4aa8-b7b1-7f748e10f165-image.png

  • Dev Team

    This is the expected behavior, not an issue. We have to keep it this way to prevent safe mode mechanics to be abused.