Private Server Completely Broken

  • Re: The CPU usage of Screeps Server is too high. (Near 100%)

    The private server from the Steam client still has massive memory leak and CPU usage issues. It actually corrupts game data as well if you start and stop the server. This has been posted about in a few places around the internet, but has not been resubmitted as an official bug here in a while.

    This has been an issue for over a year now - is there any hope for a working Private Server in the Steam client?

  • I stopped using built-in version and got latest private server version from Screeps Github (currently it is 4.2.3). So I am launching private server from command line and then use steam client to access it same way as I would connect to built-in private server in steam client. Until built-in server is fixed it is best option we have imho

  • If you're on windows I can strongly advise to run the dockerized version of screeps-launcher ( in Docker with WSL2 support. This gives you much better performance than the private server option from the client (on med-end hardware I can run 100ms ticks).