The CPU usage of Screeps Server is too high. (Near 100%)

  • I play the game on my private server. But the usage of the Screeps Server always too high. Even if I reset the game data. I don't know what caused this. I have some screenshots below. Please help me to resolve the issue. The game is too lag to play. ![alt text](0_1560078388731_2019-06-09 18_50_55-Window.png) 0_1560078413952_2019-06-09 18_51_47-Window.png 0_1560078426409_2019-06-09 18_57_09-Window.png 0_1560078486806_2019-06-09 19_07_38-Window.png

    0_1560078492527_2019-06-09 18_58_28-Window.png

  • Hi. Try to use server from github, not from steam.