Name filter for creep decorations?

  • AYCE

    How does the name filter for creep decorations work? I was expecting either regular expressions or "RoleName*" to work, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

  • AYCE

    The answer was simple substring matching, which means "RoleName" (without the star) works when all of that role has that string in the name. Similarly "Hauler" will apply the decoration to all creeps with Hauler in the name.

    Thanks to Yoner and donatzor for answers on slack!

  • Sorry for breaking the regex thing. I was really hoping they'd keep the regexes and use RE2 to do it safely.

    The actual implementation is done completely client side, so RE2 isn't an option.

    I hope losing the regexes means we avoid a troll, as opposed to nerfing a feature because of a corner case that will likely never arise (looking at you Intel and Spectre). It would have been a great part of Screeps lore if someone used this offensively, though I could imagine a rage quit over a wipe and no way to view the effected rooms.