Decoration Sidebar Bug

  • Which shard is affected?

    shard3,probably all shards

    What happened?

    When I go check the new decoration sidebar,I saw many creep decorations,but I only applied a grafiti on that room.So it's weird.And I've found out that my room has ags131's sign.And I know that his scout would pass by from time to time,so I think the sidebar has a functional bug.

    What should have happened?

    modify the sidebar's logic so the creeps passed by wouldn't be recorded into the decoration sidebar,I think this should solve it

    How can we reproduce this?

    I'm not sure,but let a creep that has decorations go pass a room with only grafitis maybe help reproduce the problem. And the two rooms should be different players' room.

  • Plus:I don't have any creep decorations,and I can't modify the name filter that the decorations shown on the sidebar

  • In addition: Chrome,Windows 10

  • Dev Team

    We reworked decorations sidebar: creeps decorations moved into 'Creep' panel.