Best Attack Strategy?

  • Hello, I'm a new player on screeps and for my first spawn location I managed to corner myself in a room with only one adjacent room I can go to which has someone in it. I have reached the point where my energy sources keep on depleting and I need to harvest from other rooms. My rival next door is only slightly better than me and only has one tower. However, I can't really take him out because his tower always has energy and I'm quite sure they do like 600 which would require ALOT of healing creeps. Can someone help? (I'm only RCL 4 going to 5)

  • I would recommend respawning elsewhere. Dealing with towers without boosts can be pretty rough. I would focus on the remote harvesting code over offensive code this early. With the code you have now getting to RCL4 again will be much quicker.

  • Experimenting w/ attack code on them would be best. One thing to note, is that a tower has a fall-off damage range: Attack effectiveness 600 hits at range ≤5 to 150 hits at range ≥20

    You can calc the damage/healing needed for your room, however once you get close enough, could always employ tower-draining depending on how effective their tower refilling script is. A tower can't hurt you, if it doesn't have energy and depending on how it selects targets helps as well.

    Pairs/Squads tend to help when 1 creep can not, as you can have larger heal creeps or a group working together.

    if your not going for fully automatic attacks, watching their creeps' logic and looking for a weakness you can exploit is generally best.

  • Try out tower draining. Create a creep with enough HP to tank a tower hit or two. Step into the room, then back out to be healed by a healer creep. Rinse and repeat.

    The goal is to get them to spend more energy firing their tower than you spend creating and healing your creeps.

    Against new code the extra energy needs of the tower is often enough to get the room to topple.


  • @donatzor Thanks mate, I'll do some experimenting and see how it goes.

  • @deft-code Great idea! I'm going to try this.

  • @tun9an0 Should have listened to you advice mate. After failing to get much damage on the guy's base he attacked me with like a 100 creeps over 9 hours. I lost. 😞