Can we send credits directly via terminal?

  • I just want to send 100k credits for services rendered, or set up an automated payment system for contracts.

    I don't think it's gamebreaking or unreasonable, just a quality of life change. The 5% fee can stay.

  • You can let him setup a buy order of 1 piece of energy for 100k credits.

  • I know, but I'd prefer if we didn't need to use workarounds like that. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to send it as an account resource.

  • I don't have a strong opinion either way (do credit work arounds add richness to the market interactions or just annoying friction).

    However, we ought to wait until after the new resources land. I hope CPU Tokens will be better way to transfer credits between players.

  • @deft-code I don't think that having the random high-process credit transfer transactions adds market richness, it's just noise. I'd also disagree that sending cpu tokens should be the credit transfer option.

    We have credits, why create another resource to trade in proxy of just sending credits? It'd be like if the only way to give someone money was by giving them stock market shares instead of just money.

  • @Davaned I think the major thing is credits are not part ofe game world, there is no such resources type. If they would you will need to store them and then credits can be stealed by other players. When they are on the account they are much safer

  • @u-238 Same thing is true for sub tokens, and they can be sent via terminal. Another endpoint that's on an account level would be acceptable too.

    Edit: To clarify for Mr. Uranium, being able to send credits does not require to be in the terminal itself, they can be sent from account.

  • I second this. There's no reason not to allow sending credits between players. Not allowing this just forces us to use the workaround of creating an order for 1 unit of energy. As Davaned said, it's just noise, it skews the market stats, and it's just irritating having to do it that way.

    There are many reasons why players would want to send credits - selling a nuke strike, miltary or economic services rendered, a tribute/tax to appease someone, just to name a few.

    Maybe some of the proposed finer-grained account resources will help this, but I still think we should be able to just send credits. Ideally we should be able to send a message with it so the receiver knows what it's for! There's a messaging system in StructureTerminal.send, but you can't use it for market orders.

  • I thought it was fun to use an intershard player to escrow intershard credit transfers. It's less fun when you can't find a willing escrow.

    If credit transfers have a 5% tax, then it would be cheaper to use an underpriced BuyOrder for cpu tokens which has a near zero tax rate. Sub tokens can be used like this now but only if you want to transfer millions of credits. CPU token are a bit too expensive as well but transferring credits 300k increments is at least usable. If pixels are tradeable and cheaper they might work so well that we don't even miss a direct transfer api.

    With direct credit transfer I'd pay 45k tax to send 900k cr. Or I ask them to create BuyOrder for 3 CPU tokens at 0.001 price.

    If the devs had infinite time I wouldn't care. But I'd rather they work through their back log especially if their already planned work might fix the credit transfer problem.