Error occurring every tick before my script?

  • Hello!

    Started getting some error emails and went to check it out. Getting an error every tick and it doesn't seem to even be making it to my script. I tried throwing console.logs in various places (top of main loop, top of main file) and they don't get printed. Tried returning on the first line of the main loop. Tried commenting out the entire main file. Still get the same error every tick. Really weird.

    Worth noting that I didn't make any code changes when this started happening. Haven't made code changes for quite some time and these errors just started recently.

    See screenshot of error: 0_1588745172914_Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 10.13.18 PM.png

  • I was causing this exact error about 7 hours ago on the PTR when I broke parseInt. I don't see how my problem could affect you since we're in separate VMs. However, if you did manage to break parseInt the error wouldn't go away until your global reloaded (new code push usually).

  • I didn’t make any changes when this started happening so I don’t know how I could have broken it. Code had been running fine for a long time with no changes when this started happening. Code pushes don’t seem to affect anything. Not even commenting out the whole main file like I mentioned. Seems to have been happening since Sunday (May 3rd, 2020)

  • So uh.. I still can't do anything. I guess I'll open a support ticket.

  • Was able to get this solved thanks to @o4kapuk