Steam game client doesn't exit properly

  • Re: Steam doesn't quit Screeps

    I am still having this issue as of today, and since 8th of april 2020.

    If you're to believe steam, the game doesn't exit, and is no where to bee seen in task manager (nw.exe).


  • This is a steam issue, just wait for updates it will sort it self out.

    But do a intentional reboot, since win10 only clears everything when you press reboot.
    A "shutdown" doesn't cut it anymore.

  • @mrfaul Rofl... who made that descision at MS...

  • Win 10 is made for productivity, so when you can start where you left it, it is a good thing.
    Try it, MS products like Office, Browser etc. don't need to be closed and you can pickup your work right where you left it after the system booted.

    That said I'm not a fan of this approach, but I'm a power user. The "average Joe" apparently appreciates this 😑

  • Hmm.. I still have to close Steam in order for steam to not showing me as playing the game. But oddly enough, when I clicked the "Exit now" when Steam prompting to exit the game first before closing steam, my browser windows containing the API docs minimized... hmm.

    So maybe it has something to do with Steam thinking my Opera browser is part of the game process? It's chromium based and so is the Screeps game client, so maybe?

  • Did you open the API docs through a link in the Ingame client?