Sort method for .store object.

  • Add a .sort method to the store. It would have to use an intent, and cost the intent price, as it would need to go all the way through and sort the object at the database. This doesn't affect gameplay? But it's a "quality of life" issue that makes it easy to find things in Storage / Terminal store when they're in order.


  • What do you mean "in order". If you mean order in the UI, I absolutely agree. But that would be much easier to sort in the client before displaying. I'm pretty sure we could craft a client abuse to make that happen. I'd rather see an official client patch though.

    I suspect the old sorted-ness was a by-product of iterating over all the resource names on the object to build up a list of stored items. This caused a consistent ordering. Now we can just grab the contents of the .store property and the key order is arbitrary.

  • Yes, "In order" on the client, specifically in the order they are in the constants list... as they were before.

    If that can be done client side per tick, great.

  • Does anyone know about a way to do this other than having a creep that will be forever busy ordering??

  • Soo, is there a plan to make this happen somewhere in the nearby future??:😳 I really like to have this feature..

    pretty please??? 😛