• Pretty straightforward question.. has anyone been able to create one of these on PS? I was trying to update my codebase to implement them, but it seems no matter what I do I am unable to get them to spawn, the construction site is immediately wiped if I place it via GUI, and manually inputting a Room.buildConstructionSite() call returns 0 but no construction site is placed..

    Is my private server bugged or am I doing something wrong?


    "mods": [ "node_modules/screepsmod-auth/index.js", "node_modules/screepsmod-mongo/index.js", "node_modules/screepsmod-admin-utils/index.js", "node_modules/screepsmod-map-tool/index.js", "node_modules/screepsmod-history/index.js", "node_modules/screepsmod-konami/index.js" ], "bots": { "simplebot": "node_modules/@screeps/simplebot/src" } }

  • Dev Team

    Hello @MaZDuR Did you try to build it on a stock server?

    UPD: What is the server's version?

  • Upon further testing, my code works flawlessly on cogd community server.. perhaps a mod or speedup setting caused an issue? or maybe my installation is not fully valid, npm reports 'screeps version 4.0.5' I mostly followed the guide from here: https://docs.screeps.com/contributed/ps_ubuntu.html but keeping the install in /opt/screeps/ after failing to get screeps-launcher to run how I wanted it.

    Edit: I added 'screepsmod-konami' after running into an issue where my room counter was not reset when I did a respawn (after generating a new map with screepsmod-map-tool) I will do another reset and disable the mod and wait and see if it works normally.

    EDIT2: Resolved after removing screepsmod-konami