Can we just rename the spawn in an easier way instead of destorying and rebuilding it?

  • Also,can the spawn constructionSite show the name of the spawn?

    I've claimed my third room today,but it certainly had a bug.I typed name A for my new spawn,but when the construction is finished,I've got a spawn with name Spawn1.Which had a great influence to my code(I have to rewrite all my creep configs because of this)

    Just wondering,can we just rename the name of the spawn by clicking a button and typing a new name?Destorying and rebuilding takes a lot of time and work.Also,if we can see the name of the spawn when it's constructing,it'll be easier to avoid some bugs.right?

  • Well for one you do not want your code to rely on hardcoded names precisely for the reason you just described. Things happen and spawns get destroyed, your code should be able to handle things like that.

    That said I do not know why spawns could not be renamed. It's odd that it's the only structure that actually requires a name to begin with.