Break My Simple Encryption

  • Edit: Congratulations to ags131 for cracking the encryption!

    This is an open challenge to anybody!

    Using these files, try and decode what is written in my TELEPHONE_INFO.

    The reward will be 50000 U, to be delivered to the room of your choice (in shard 3) once I have the available energy.

    Members of the Toy Makers Alliance may not participate, or leak the password - this is to test our security!

  • I'm not on shard3 but want to break it for fun. I can't read your public segments from remote shards could you provide an example INFO segment or two?

    As for improving the protocol, I think your protocol would be better if you made more use of and StructureTerminal.send descriptions. This comm channel is limited to 100 characters but it's private. Then you'd only need to use the public segments for large form data like sharing room intel.

    You'd still be left with the interesting problem of securing a public segment for use by your allies only.

  • @deft-code Sorry, I've already updated the encryption to AES-256, so the sample data that ags131 used is gone. Also, don't terminal messages cost energy? We're a pretty poor alliance at the moment. Thanks though!