Invader Cores suck. No Invader Core Shard

  • New Invader Cores are Game Breaking if no Code added for it, this is shit. I was mostly idle last 6 month and I want to keep going with my idle state, check in sometimes, improve stuff if motivated. Now I see these Invader Cores added completly break my game. Instant upset and angry about it. I was fine with Power Creeps, was able to ignore. And now I this ! My Project is in .ts and adding all the new stuff to it would be a nightmare for me, so I wont do it.

    Good luck trying to Ignore those Invader Cores, wow what a stupid implementation.

    Can we have a No Invader Core Shard, or move those to a new Shard or change its implementation to be not Game breaking ? Im Angry, upset and disapointed with the current Implementation !


  • Dev Team

    I'm really sorry, but NPC Strongholds have been discussed for a year already, probably it's a bit too late to express your disappointment now.

    Ignoring Invader Cores is similar to ignoring other players. If you want some stable, safe and threat-free environment just to code some Screeps at your own pace, we have private servers feature for that.

  • Similar to Players, sure it just keeps comming back FOREVER, where i can get rid of players by forcing a respawn. Its not the Strongholds that are the Problem its the way its implemented. Game breaking for everyone running sk mining. I wonder how many player will quite just because of it.

    Could atleast have it limited to the very Core room so it could be ignored / worked around by not mining the Core Room.

  • let invaderCore = room.find(FIND_HOSTILE_STRUCTURES, {filter: (s) => s.structureType == STRUCTURE_INVADER_CORE})[0]
    if (invaderCore) {

    I really don't feel like it should be much of a challenge to simply not harvest an SK room if there's an invader core in there. It is slightly more of a challenge not to path through it, and to stop harvesting in rooms that would require you to path through it, but a bit of fiddling around with findRoute and a very quick return false on the cost matrix for the room shouldn't be too hard.

    Oh, and the spreading cores are also really easy to deal with, especially compared to invasions. 100k hits which doesn't fight back can be killed by just about anything. They're an annoyance, no more. They don't even cost that much to ignore.

  • @tigga First Post: "My Project is in .ts and adding all the new stuff to it would be a nightmare for me, so I wont do it." So that wont be available. I already added a check that allows me to detect "Invader Core" without touching .ts, just not the duration. Allows me to set the ops to sleep.

    Does not change the fact that the implementation is shit though. Most Player ive talked to about it think the same way. Limiting it to spawn in the Core Room only would be much better imo.

  • Dev Team

    @totalschaden said in Invader Cores suck. No Invader Core Shard:

    where i can get rid of players by forcing a respawn

    And you're really confident that you can get rid of any player by forcing a respawn? 😉

  • @totalschaden its almost unbelievable how entitled you sound, just wow.

  • @artch Well, atleast the chance is given. So what would be the drawback on having them in the Core Room only ?

  • Dev Team

    @totalschaden Less fun! 🙂

  • I'd like to add an alternate opinion.

    I think strongholds are GREAT! So much fun and opportunities to make something clever. I like them even more then powerCreeps, although they are great too ; )


  • I really like the concept of strongholds. It forces me to think about creeps in combat, which I didn't do until now, because towers where enough to defend invader in owned rooms and I just evacuated remotes with short notice.

    I am completely with @artch: The strongholds are no more of a problem than another player appearing nearby. They allow newbies like me to train for attack without the risk of being steamrolled in revenge.

    Although I liked @Totalschaden's idea of different shards when I saw it initially on slack. I now see it a little bit different. The official server with its three shards provides the reference platform, and thus should include all features in an up to date version, as it does. Running with different rule sets is what the private servers are for. So @Totalschaden if you insist on a world with a different rule set than the latest, feels free to open a server.