Was absorbed by newbie zone - Empire cut in half

  • Which shard is affected?

    Shard 3 - mainly room E12N38

    What happened?

    The newbie zone went up, and I was caught inside. My code was supposed to be building a new room outside of where the newbie zone is - now I can't reach it because the spawn was incomplete.

    Also, I had just fought off ags131 from settling near me, but the wall is protecting him from my colony... so the damn game stole my victory!

    What should have happened?

    The newbie zone should have gone up, without including me. Other players were caught too, including the player in E11N36.

    How can we reproduce this?

    You can't - it was a one time event. But you can see the effect - my nascent empire is cut in half ;_;

  • Dev Team

    Let me ask have you received this message when you spawned in this room?


    I can see from the room history that the novice zone was already planned in this sector when you spawned, so if you consciously agreed with this, this is now a consequence of that choice.