Screeps Arena Hype

  • Hi Guys,

    Anybody else hyped for the Screeps Arena which is officially announced 2 weeks ago? I'm a long time fan of this game but I've taken a pretty long break from the game after playing for over 2 years. This game mode/spinoff is exactly what I was hoping for for me to come back.

    I know that there are community run events (bot arena/scw) which have similar game modes but I'm more of an official mode guy (don't even want to use mods in Factorio).

    I know the announcement is very recent and the release date on steam says 2020 but can we get an indication whether open alpha/beta is planned for Q1 2020 or Q4 2020 (which would become Q2 2021)?

    Keep up the good work!


  • Dev Team

    Sorry, we're unable to give any reasonable timeline at this point. Although we'll make sure to invite you to the closed alpha as soon as possible 🙂