Unable to place first spawn per directions

  • I select a room, I get the message "Place your spawn". When I click on various spots on the map, nothing happens and I do not get an error message either. It is clear to me I need to click on the grey areas to place the spawn.

    I have watched the tutorial and watched some YT videos. Seems pretty straight forward, but I can't get it to work.

    Bought the game on Steam


    ![alt text](0_1561456091244_e6b9f259-fbbe-4756-a32c-5029f4a98f8d-image.png image url)

  • Dev Team

    @nrnoble Have you tried to do the same in the browser version?

  • Interesting. I did not realize that Steam was launching Screeps a browser window. I have Chrome as my default browser. Is there a recommended browser? Does not matter to me as long as it works.

  • Well restarting the game seemed to have solved it.