Unusual body part combinations

  • Since specialist creeps are usually best, most players seem to be using fairly standard combinations of parts. The most common ones I see:

    • WORK+CARRY - harvesters, builders, workers, etc
    • CARRY - haulers (sometimes with 1 WORK to fix roads)
    • CLAIM - claimers, reservers
    • WORK - offensive dismantler (some of the more unusual ones include RANGED or HEAL)

    Some observations:

    • Giving an offensive dismantler ATTACK doesn't seem useful, since you can't attack and dismantle at the same time
    • I don't see much value in ATTACK+RANGED, unless you want to attack two specific targets at once for some reason
    • It seems wasteful to put anything else with CLAIM (since the addition of creep.pull() I'm planning to not even give them MOVE anymore)
    • I can't see any point in combining CARRY with ATTACK, RANGED or HEAL

    I'm interested to know if anyone is using any unusual body part combinations, and if so, what for?

  • Dev Team

    @systemparadox Some players use concept of 'armed miners' for SK rooms. My old implementation of them (getting together and acting as a squad) was able to defend against most raids of boosted invaders.

  • Those are interesting. I've been wondering about how best to defend remote miners. At the moment they're defenceless - when invaders appear they will try to run away and wait for a defender to come and clear the room, but they don't move very fast so they usually die.

    Because it's ~100,000 energy between invasions it feels like it's probably more efficient to let them die, but it feels unsatisfying. This is what got me thinking about unusual part combinations.