Bugged creeps: Negative TTL, stay on room edges without switching between rooms, multiple creeps on one position at once.

  • CoPS

    I have three creeps in Shard 2 W7N43 that are bugged. I cannot find a replay link that has saved with them, but the bug is present as of tick 16691450.

    The three creeps (IDs: 5d07b99413a949352f91c0da,5d07ba025f80fa3529754731, 5d07b9905857c4143c9f6797 ) show the following issues:

    • Negative TTL
    • Cannot move, but can still execute commands - e.g. they get "stuck" (i.e. remaining on the same space for three ticks), compute a new path, highlight it using room visual, and save it to memory.
    • Remain on the room edge (x = 0 or 49) without changing rooms
    • Can have multiple creeps on the same roomPosition at the same time.
    [room W7N43 pos 0,15]
    [Game.creeps["start-bootstrap-fe9600-535"].pos, Game.creeps["start-bootstrap-fe961f-545"].pos]
     [room W7N43 pos 49,33],[room W7N43 pos 49,33]

    This gif shows two creeps on one position, neither with valid TTL. 0_1560812298041_Peek 2019-06-18 10-57.gif

    Update: Attempting to suicide the creeps does not kill them

    Update2: Another player has a creeps stuck in the same rooms (player: Falineth, creep Name: 8ccf0493ba0b008c71f79cba, creep ID: 5d07b927ec0d345245a4ee87)

    Update3: If its relevant, I have previously had issues with this room, where my script somehow saved invalid source IDs to memory when scanning the room.

  • CoPS

    Spawning and sending more creeps in shows this: The issue appears to be in the room. However, the % on the controller has increased.

    more issues

    However, I still see pathfinding issues where creeps are stuck on the room border.

    [13:28:17][shard2] Heavy cpu use: start-bootstrap-fe9600-535, origin: [room W7N43 pos 49,33], dest: [room E3N35 pos 27,29]
    [13:28:17][shard2] Heavy cpu use: start-bootstrap-fe95ff-534, origin: [room W7N43 pos 0,15], dest: [room W7N43 pos 36,36]
    [13:28:24][shard2] Heavy cpu use: start-bootstrap-fe961f-545, origin: [room W7N43 pos 49,33], dest: [room E3N35 pos 16,22]
    [13:28:24][shard2] Hheavy cpu use: start-bootstrap-fe95ff-534, origin: [room W7N43 pos 0,15], dest: [room W7N43 pos 36,36]

  • Dev Team

    There was an edge case in intents processing logic that bugged this room. We've erased intents, the room started to work again. The fix for the edge case will be deployed soon.

  • CoPS

    Issue seems to have reappeared.

    alt text

    alt text2