There is enough energy but it can't spawn creep.

  • Below is my spawn and extensions.

    0_1560080093666_2019-06-09 19_33_39-Window.png

    And I get the energy cost of each body part on the document api. 0_1560080249220_2019-06-09 19_28_39-Window.png

    Below is my body part for the creep. ["work","move","carry","work","move","carry","work","move","carry","work","move","carry","work","move","carry","work","move","carry","work","move","carry","work","move","carry","work","move","carry"]

    Need energy: 1800

    Room available energy: 1800

    It return -6 when I call the spawnCreep method.

    0_1560080354441_2019-06-09 19_29_57-Window.png

    Below is my code for caculate the body part of spawn creep.

    0_1560080875207_2019-06-09 19_45_36-Window.png

    0_1560080884794_2019-06-09 19_43_54-Window.png

    0_1560080960822_2019-06-09 19_48_40-Window.png

  • Dev Team

    How much is .energyAvailable in this room?