Make portals configurable to not only spawn different shards but servers - RAIDS

  • I do like the concept of the shards. Likewise it would be nice that private servers could be inter-connected.

    For example, different computer clans (yes, I am old) or companies / departments have private servers on which they compete against each other.

    It would be nice if private servers could be connected through portals to "raid" another server.

  • I like the idea, but it will be a mod for private servers, more than a feature of the core engine. @ags131 and his screepsplus experience would be a good resource if this was something you'd like to pursue.

  • Fantastically difficult to implement as a general solution since you'll need to be sharing DB objects between different servers with different users etc.

    Possible but a ton of work. Doesn't make that much sense considering you wouldn't have an account on that server, and no GCL/cpu to run it, and even your code wouldn't be there. Can work around all of it but I think shards fill the role a little better than this.