Respawn: Incorrect CPU and Memory display

  • CoPS

    I have respawned from shard0 to shard 2.

    The visual indicator in the top right of the screen shows my CPU usage to be 37, and my memory usage to be 252KB. These are clearly incorrect: printing at the end of each tick shows my CPU usage to be ~1.

    The values shown look accurate for my old empire, before respawning.

    The issue persists across the steam client, and the website. It persists through login/out.

  • I think it's not documented that the memory in the UI shows you the sum of every Memory from each shard. But the limit is just shown per shard. But you can have 2 MB per shard. Maybe you still have some old unused Memory in shard 0. CPU is a little different. Maybe shard0 is busy with parsing and seriallization of its Memory, but if you respawned then the script shouldn't run in shard 0, so there should be no cpu cost for the Memory. Except something keeps the script in shard 0 active. Is maybe a creep or a power creep alive there?

  • CoPS

    The issue resolved itself after about 4 hours, at which point it started tracking both properly.

    There did not appear to be anything on any shard at the time.