Concept: Towing

  • Heya,

    It would be quite cool from a logistical/optimisation perspective if I could "tow" one creep with another. This would require me to (1) set an intent to tow an adjacent creep (same owner), and (2) move the towing creep to another square.

    This would create a low-priority intent to move the towed creep to the spot previously occupied by the towing creep, and add the appropriate fatigue (treating even MOVE parts as weight?) to the towing creep as well as the cost of its own movement.

    The main and obvious use of this would be to place immobile creeps elsewhere (e.g. harvesters) and to more quickly deploy creeps at extra cost. It would be effective as a tactic only if the towing creep could then be re-used. This would be complicated to get right, but offer an opportunity to optimise for those willing to do so.

  • Great news! This is actually been implemented already, though its phrased as 'pulling'.


  • Fantastic!