renewCreep returns OK when renewing claim creep but does not renew

  • I can't be 100% sure none of my other code is causing an intent on the spawn, but it doesn't spawn or renew anything else, so I don't think so. I tried it a bunch of times.

    Looking at the engine code all of it seems to assume that I'm a 1500 tick life creep. It's not documented that this doesn't work, and if it doesn't work, it should at least return an error code.

    Ongoing failures to renew in!/room/shard2/W3S35. Pretty much any time the claim creep is standing by the spawn the spawn is trying to renew it and getting OK as the return code. No renew.

  • It is mentioned in the documentation, but only under the Creep section as an effect of the Claim body part in the body part table: "A creep with this body part will have a reduced life time of 600 ticks and cannot be renewed."

    It should probably also be mentioned in the StructureSpawn.renewCreep section though, and return an appropriate error code.

  • @dragoonreas thanks - I wasn't aware of that. I agree that the docs should be updated and it should certainly return an error.


  • Dev Team

    @tigga thanks for your report, we'll look into it