Draft: factories and commodities (new crafting/trading mechanic)

  • @davaned the counter-argument would be that getting your money back at expiry means that people don't set competitive prices and the market has wider spreads and is less useful. It's annoying losing money but it's an interesting problem adjust your order prices from time to time in order to minimise loss.

  • Maybe market system changes should be discussed in a separate threat. I'm also not a friend of order fees and I'm more a friend of transaction fees, but it would be too offtopic to deepen this topic now.

    The current changes show what we'll expect but there is still something missing:

    • The regional commodities need different resources, so their production cost varies a lot between different regions. What will be the market prices for these commodities?
    • How much ops will OPERATE_FACTORY need for which effect duration? ( I know proposed is 100 ops for 1000 ticks, but they are "still considering other timings too" )