PTR Changelog 2019-01-14: Invaders optimization

  • Dev Team

    This post describes changes on the Public Test Realm.

    • Invaders AI logic is moved from runners to processors to optimize server load (engine#48617ce).

    • Some more optimizations of native PathFinder (driver#34 by laverdet).

    • Improvements in private server launcher, new configuration options log_console, log_rotate_keep, storage_disabled, restart_interval (launcher#6, launcher#4 by ags131).

    • POSSIBLY BREAKING CHANGE: optimized RoomPosition internal representation from an object with two numbers and a string to a 32-bit number (engine#87 by laverdet).

    These changes are deployed to npm in version 3.3.0-beta.1 with tag ptr:

    npm install screeps@ptr