Creeps stopped moving -- no error in mail or anything

  • I'm set to receive any script errors. I am seeing a large drop out of any activity between 07:14 and 09:39 UTC today, jan 1st 2019. Is there a way for me to see what error has caused that? Half of my empire died out and nothing was moving the entire time, also no Grafana stats updating.

    And I haven't received any error email whatsoever for the last three or four days. I did, however, receive the RCL upgrade mails.

  • It could be a runaway in your code which doesn't throw a error, those kind of things are a REAL pain in the ass to diagnose.
    Since they involve some unimaginable edge cases, a good bet is to log spikes in CPU use of single modules in memory.

    But it could also be a server problem, wouldn't be the first time such thing has happend.

  • No, it was an error in the code or in the server, because it was terminating before it got to the grafana stats updating part. I got the typical CPU flatline of stretched CPU data of the last good tick.

  • I don't use the graphana module since I have my own system for metrics but that gives me a idea.

    Hmmm... @artch @o4kapuk are intents blocking or promises?

  • While you can't go back and look at old console logs, you can look at old room replays. Click on any of your rooms, and then click the video camera icon on the left side of the page.

  • Replays don't show errors though. They only show that my creeps were sitting still for that period of 1.5 hrs, which is how i found out in the first place.