Controller has gone level -1

  • Which shard is affected? -Shard 3 - W36N18

    What happened? -When controller downgraded due to inactivity, level went to -1 instead of 0

    What should have happened? -Controller level should be 0.

    How can we reproduce this? -Not sure, however this room had been an overmind expansion that I had been attacking for the past few days, level had gone up and down in that time and finally un-claimed/dropped claim today. Haven't attacked the controller directly.

    Optional information:

    Replay link

  • This also happened to the same player's controller at:

    Shard 3 - W35N18

    Shard 3 - W34N18

    Shard 3 - W31N17

  • Dev Team

    The issue is reproduced, investigated, fixed and tested, but not deployed on the production yet; as soon as it happens all "-1 controller" rooms will be fixed.

    For emergency cases, please contact me directly with an official support ticket or direct message in slack.


  • Dev Team

    The issue is fixed. If you see it again somewhere, please report immediately.