Pulling multiple branches from github

  • TMB

    I always actively use multiple branches when working with get; since Screeps do propose a crude branching system, I was actually expcting it would be able to pull multiple branches from github.

    To recap, if I understood the way it currently works: 'master' is pulled from the remote into 'default', other branches from both local and remote are ignored.

    The way I naturally expected it to work, every branch from the remote would be pulled into a branch with the same name; however I see that it clashes with he current system, and this could be a breaking change.

    The way I'd see implementing such a feature without enforcing anyhing new on anyone, is actually just the way Tracking Branches work in git :
    By default, everyone has their local (Screeps) 'default' branch tracking their remote's 'master', but anyone would be able to define which additional remote branches they wish to pull, and wich locale branches they should be pulled into : 0_1545256411561_Screenshot_1.png