Room owner in order history not displayed correctly after buying

  • 0_1544810088329_visual_bug.png

    As the title says. I am in room E3S4. Two of the other parties in the screenshot are NPCs, but W38N18 is occupied by Fasta. I'm using the steam version of the client.

    • Which shard is affected? I know shard3 is affected, but I don't have a way to check the others.
    • What happened? Player name is shown beside the incorrect room in the expanded view of order history.
    • What should have happened? Player name should be shown beside the room actually owned by the player.
    • How can we reproduce this? It's difficult for a single player to determine scope, but possibly just by buying resources from the market.

  • Dev Team

    Thanks, we're aware and working on the fix.

  • Dev Team

    Transaction details have been reworked, everything should be fine now.