Pathing not working on Shard3

  • Went through the portal to Shard 3 with a build team... but the pathing isn't working. Code runs, memory loads into the creeps, and if i force a creep.move(dir); command through the console, it moves. But the path variable under _move remains undefined.

    Edited to add: This moved the creep one tile right: Game.creeps['builder_1-3487'].move(3);

    I also tried to update the path to a tile close to the creep with Game.creeps['builder_1-3487'].moveTo(32,41); But that did nothing. The return was -2 "No path found" The room is W60S20 on shard3

  • Dev Team

    @smokeman should be fixed now, please confirm.

  • Yes! Thank you, it's now working just fine. I also note that the highway rooms are highlighted now, that was probably the issue.