I know nothing about programming...

  • Dear all master programmer,

    I tried this game last Dec and almost a year later I am still missing this game, read lots of comment I love the idea.

    But really, without any experience in programming... will it be viable?

    Hoping to get genuine advise on this. Cheers

  • @kirbyhung To answer your question about it being viable, my answer is Yes! However, the game itself is to code all your behaviours, so a big requirement is that you find coding a funny thing (despite doing it better or worse). I'm a very noob programmer, for me it would be impossible at all to work at anything related to code, but i've learned a lot by playing this game and it's really funny to me to struggle with all the issues i find.

    Also, i've been pretty active at the forum with all my doubts and i've always had a very good response from the rest of the players, son don't be afraid to relay on the forum to help yourself. They know a lot and they are surprisingly helpful!!

  • Thank you so much! Just trying to get basic understanding from Code Academy, starting elementary course for Python! See you in the game! I am buying the game then! Thank you!

  • @kirbyhung Python? This game uses Javascript. I might be wrong and it might accept python, tho.

  • This game is Javascript based. You can use other languages by compiling it to Javascript or better directly to WebAssembly.
    However be warned, doing so adds a whole step to your tool chain and debugging will be a real pain in the ass...

    That said, I personally don't think this is a good tool for learning to code.
    However it is the best place to gradually use the tools you are learning and tinker with them to gain experience.

    Oh and I strongly advise you to scratch python and directly switch to js.
    Not because python is bad or anything (it is unrivaled in its use case)
    but because Javascript has pretty unique quirks that will confuse you if you try to use python logic.