Local Server Stops from time to time

  • Hello,

    I'm using my local sever (the "official" one) to test my code, but from time to time creeps stop moving and i have to restart it. My computer power settings only turn screen off, it doesn't stop disks or sleeps, or anything else. Is it normal? Is there any way i can have it working for long peroids of time?

  • Hey, if you mean the "official" as in the steam server, the devs ended up using a different backend database for ease of deployment to any computer. That loki DB has issues, and will slow down after a period of time and force you to restart the server periodically. That being said, there is a mod that lets you use the mongo/redis database similar to what the MMO uses. If you intend to use the pServ for extended periods of time, I highly recommend it. https://github.com/ScreepsMods/screepsmod-mongo

  • @semperrabbit Thanks for the info!

    I've been trying to run it for a while. I tried few different ways with no success. Finally, i decided to install Ubuntu (over my Windows 10) and do it through it, and now i'm stuck at this point:

    alt text

    As you can see on the picture i'm already on the last step. I circled where it says "you can now connect from your Windows desktop...bla bla..." but if i click on the link i go back to the beginning of the guide which looks like a loop to me 😞

    P.S. I try to connect to from the Screeps Client and it won't connect.

    What am i doing wrong?

  • Unfortunately, I am not too terribly familiar with the pServs. try joining the slack and going to the #servers channel. They should be able to assist you there.

  • @calfa I am do not understand what you try to do. What steps you are try to reproduce? Try to use this article https://docs.screeps.com/contributed/ps_ubuntu.html

  • Oh you have the redis tutorial, that is only the setup for the database/queue not the actual screeps server.
    Now you have to tell the screeps server to use that instead of the inbuild stuff...

    But be sure you have both the redis and mongo db running before you try that.
    And backup your data!

    For the steam client it is far simpler to use the workshop mod: Mongo DB mod <- seems to be broken use args github mod
    Use those instructions. (be sure to download the msi installer not the zips)

    You can get rid of Ubuntu after that, that thing is bloated nowadays too 😢
    I don't think you have use for it.