Modify Tip of the Day to be More Accurate

  • One of the tips of the day I saw when I started up this morning said this: Roads wear out as they are used, so don’t forget to repair them.

    The current tip makes it sound like roads take damage the more they are used and less damage if they are unused, but this is not the case.

    I think it would be more accurate to say something along these lines: Roads and Tunnels decay over time, so don't forget to repair them.


  • It is the case though!

    Note: every creep step decreases the decay timer for 1 tick per each creep body part


  • So they do decay from use and just over time, I didn't realize that. I would still think we could make the tip more accurate.

    Roads and Tunnels decay from use and over time, so don't forget to repair them.