Mongodb mod for private server - No javascript working.

  • Hello !

    I'm installing my own private server for testing my scripts before sending them on 'production'. But by default, the tickrate seams to slow down over time. Thus I read that mongodb would allow for a better setup in the long run.

    I installed the mod, and everything seams to work right (no errors on console or logs, tick is going at a steady rate). But...

    But no javascript are working at all. In console (right in the game), or my own script. Or even bots. Javascript just don't eval... It's due to mongo mod, cause without it, everything's working (except it slow down after 1hour or so).

    Is anyone having a similar issue and could help me ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue, unfortunately not found a fix yet, same result on windows, ubuntu and debian.

    As a temporary work around I made a tool for windows the launches the server and restarts it at set intervals, a bit dirty but works for now.

    I can put the code on github if its of any use to anyone.

  • hi,

    I revisited the issue today and got it working, make sure your using redis version 3.0.503 with the windows config file.

  • Culture

    Rerun the command to reset all data.