Shard 0 Sectors 'Not Available' Insufficient Warning

  • What is the criteria for sectors in Shard 0 being made 'Not Available'? I've yet to see any warning about an area becoming unavailable, and as it seems they never become available again, this is starting to get a bit frustrating.

    My northward expansion was cut off long ago when the sector above me became completely unavailable. A week ago I started planning an expansion into a southern sector that was previously held by one of my alliance members, as I'd noticed a few of his rooms had gone uncontrolled, and a handful of others were dropping in level. There were also large stockpiles of minerals still in his rooms. Out of courtesy, I messaged him, and waited for either a response to let me know his status and whether I should claim his territory and scavenge the minerals, or a long enough amount of time to consider a no-response as okay to go ahead.

    Logged in today and the entire sector is now not available. Never noticed any sort of warning, but, to be fair I don't login every day, and haven't checked that sector status every day.

    Still, having expansion cut off arbitrarily, as well as the effects on trade, since trade is distance based, removing any chance of trade partners in a nearby sector has an effect... these things hinder enjoyment of the game. It seems like, while The Church of the End hasn't made much progress in wiping Shard 0, the developers are effectively working to just slowly push players off of it.

    I know some folks enjoy shutting down and respawning elsewhere, moving to different shards, etc. That's fine, but I feel like we should be allowed to play the game in whatever way suits us. I started in the area I'm in, and built my little empire, and would like to stay here until I have to leave by some happening within the game events... not by being pushed out by arbitrary sector closures.

  • Dev Team

    Hello Gink,

    Devs does close the sectors which are completely empty or almost empty. If you look at shards stats, you can clearly see that shard0 is currently underpopulated comparing to other shards.

    As for your blocking expansion, well, they specifically made it so players won't lost their connectivity to the remaining world. I mean portals that surround closed sectors, they lead to the opposite side of the sector, and they're free of ttl penalty (they work as central portals). You can use them to access sectors behind closed ones.