Respawn areas appearing suddenly

  • I was under the impresison that we were to be given a little bit more notice when respawn areas would pop up.

    On tick 6081961 the W15S45 zone was signed as a new novice area. That was about 21.5 hours ago. It is now a respawn area.

    For me this isn't an issue, but were I playing non automated I might be rather annoyed that the devs decided to wipe out all the loot from a player that was recently respawned (forced or otherwise) with under 24h notice. IMO these signs should be staying up at least a week before the zone is made.

    Also, why did the sign say "novice" while this is clearly a respawn area?

  • I think respawn and novice area spawns are too aggressive in general.

  • What do you mean "too aggressive"?

    My other problem with them is that around me there's currently a bit of a cycle.

    1. New novice zone appears.
    2. Novices spawn and build up for 20 days.
    3. As soon as the walls come down my bot clears out most of the new players. Anybody who doesn't make RCL 7 is usually in big trouble.
    4. Goto 1

    I'm not really interested in explictly whitelisting every player that spawns in a novice zone, and I'm not sure whether this is a great experience for novice players. I understand why it's required to fill up the interior zones after some killing has happened, but perhaps the priority should be respawn areas in these regions rather than novice zones.

  • Calling @o4kapuk sounds like one for you!

  • The fact that it cuts of SK rooms is also rather frustrating. They're usually pretty good at not stomping on people's remotes, but still block avenues of attack pretty effectively.

  • AYCE

    I'll throw my thoughts in on this too. They are too aggressive. I spent an entire weekend and some of Monday clearing out a sector and playing safe mode games with one of the combatants. Just a few hours after him and his buddy despawned, leaving the sector open for me to settle (I had 6 open GCL at the time) a respawn zone warning appears.

    I get it. The devs don't want rooms empty, but right now the way it is being handled is very frustrating.

  • It is a good thing